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Check out potential jobs and volunteer positions at Rouge Valley Sports Camp for Summer Camp (July 8 - August 9, 2018 + the Staff Training Conference July 2-5).  Please submit your cover letter and email your resume to to set up a potential interview!

Team  Rouge  Volunteering

Team Rouge volunteering is a great way to spend your summer.  Join a team of volunteers who will gain valuable work experience, make new friends and help guide young campers to a brighter future.  Be sure to visit our volunteer page to find out more information on available volunteer positions.  Submit your volunteer application to improve your chances of joining the Rouge Valley Sports Camp staff next summer, to improve your resume, or do it just because volunteering is what you prefer!  Volunteers will be rewarded with an honorarium of $100/week of volunteering in 2018 and receive a letter of recommendation upon request and based on merit.  


 Volunteering 2019

Rabbit Counsellor (Ages 4 - 5)


Responsible for the safety, care and leading activities for our youngest campers.  Candidates should have high energy, organization, empathy and passion for working with children.


Deer Counsellor (Ages 6 - 7)


Responsible for the safety, care and programing for our Deer campers. Candidates should have high energy, organization, empathy and passion for working with children.


Fox Counsellor (Ages 8 - 10)


Responsible for the safety, care and programing of our Fox campers. Candidates should have high energy, organization, athletic skill and passion for working with youth.


Bear Counsellor (Ages 11 - 13)


Responsible for the safety, care and programming for our Bear campers.

Candidates should have high energy, organization, athletic skill and passion for working with youth.

Why Work at Rouge Valley Sports Camp?

You love the outdoors. You love ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and sports of all types. And your friends say you're great with kids.


If you relate to this, then there's the perfect place waiting for you: Rouge Valley Sports Camp. Over half a million university and senior level high school students will find their way from their campus to camp this summer to fill openings at camps across North America.


Imagine a great job with leadership opportunity right here at Rouge Valley Sports Camp in Markham:


  • Live, play, and work in the great outdoors.

  • Go on active adventures.

  • Make new friends with similar interests

  • Make a paycheck

  • Become a child's hero.

  • Learn leadership skills.  


Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training, and enrichment opportunities that cannot be found at most other workplaces!  At Rouge Camps we invest in our staff through rigorous training and mentorship. Regardless of your field of study, camp experiences allow you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketability. The benefits go far beyond a paycheck, too. Business executives note that experience as a camp counselor translates into excellent management and interpersonal skills.  Where else can you gain this type of comprehensive work experience at your age?  See what summer positions are open in the jobs section below.

Here is what a former staff member had to say after not being able to return to work at camp due to accepting a highly competitive internship as part of the nuclear program at McMaster University:

Hi Mr. Buchnea,


I was offered the position and have accepted it.


I want to thank you for the opportunities you created for myself and other students. Gaining experience and skills through Rouge Valley has allowed me be confident with applying for competitive positions like this nuclear one.


I hope you can find an ideal candidate to hold the role of program coordinator this summer. I'd be glad to offer any advice and guidance, to make sure camp wide activities are even better than previous years.


Hope to stay in touch and I will visit camp when possible.



Arshdeep Bal


 Employment 2019

Lead Counsellor 

Responsible for setting the direction of planning and executing the program with the help of counsellors in the same age group.  This is in addition to counselling duties.

Rabbit Lead: Ages 4 - 5

Deer Lead: Ages 6 - 7

Fox Lead: Ages 8 - 10

Bear Lead: Ages 11 - 13


Responsible for the planning and instruction during sport periods, educational periods, Camp Wide Activities (themed camp style games).  Also, camper supervision and inspiration.

Rabbit Counsellor: Ages 4 - 5

Deer Counsellor: Ages 6 - 7

Fox Counsellor: Ages 8 - 10

Bear Counsellor: Ages 11 - 13

Program Coordinator


These responsibilities will be given to one of the lead counsellors in addition to their other responsibilities. Responsible for creating Camp Wide Activities each day for Rouge Hill Sports Camp.  You will be required to score 8.5/10 or higher as reported by the campers.  You will be responsible for creating games for 100+ campers, communicating roles to staff and generating excitement each day.  Time will be given daily to prepare for Camp Wide Activities and you will be compensated for this extra responsibility.


Assistant Director


This senior staff position requires creative thinking, the ability to sell a professional product, the ability to develop an online presence as well as increase community awareness for the camp.  During staff week, prior to the start of camp, the Assistant Director will work closely with the Camp Director to deliver a comprehensive staff training program.  During camp weeks the Assistant Director will communicate with parents, manage the meal plan, coordinate field trips and provide leadership to staff while reporting directly to the Camp Director.  Please email your cover letter and resume to


Markham, ON    :    Ages 4 - 17    :    905-460-7446