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Rouge Camps is the parent company of Rouge Valley Sports Camp and Rouge Hill Sports Camp.  Rouge Camps is dedicated to providing the GTA with quality day camps run by teachers and star students.

Rouge Hill Sports Camp
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Rouge Valley Sports Camp
Markham, Ontario

About Us


Summers at any Rouge Camp provide kids with an ideal environment to grow physcially, socially and emotionally. Our philosophy is that children need guidance more than they need instruction – in other words, we don't dictate their path, we let them discover it for themselves.

The                                                           Difference

Teacher Owned & Operarted

  • Your campers deserve to be in the care of trusted professionals.

  • Teacher curated programs that have a healthy balance of structure, learning and FUN!

Our top rated camp program for athletes and non-athletes alike:


1. Sport Rotation - 7 hr / wk - campers are introduced to new sports such as ultimate, lacrosse, baseball, flag football and more!


2. Elective Periods - 3 hr / day - Fox and Bear campers choose between Soccer/Dance, Basketball/Volleyball & Floor Hockey/Badminton for top notch instruction and game play. 

3. Educational Periods - 2 hrs / wk - These educational periods include science experiments, spelling bees, math Olympics and fun trivia that are age appropriate.

4. Arts & Crafts - 1 hr / day - Only the Rabbits and Deer work on new themed craft each day!

5.Camp-Wide-Activity -  1 hr / day - These are fully themed camp style games (capture the flag, mission impossible, station games, and more!) that are a Rouge Camps distinctive and camper favourite.

Our campers rate our activity, educational, elective periods and camp-wide-activities 8.5/10 or higher. 

Best-In-Class Staff

  • Hand picked from our network of teachers for their proven leadership, athleticism, empathy and ability to connect with campers - you cannot fool a teacher over 4 years! 

  • Exceptional students: Members of student councils, athletes of the year, enrolled at top universities.

  • First Aid: almost half of our staff have Standard First Aid and CPR 'C'.

Our Three Pillars


  • New sports and skills

  • The importance of team play

  • Educational Periods - twice each week (fun science experiments, math Olympics, spelling bees, and fun trivia)

  • To step out of your comfort zone in a safe environment


  • Our staff care about your campers and care to model strong character.  Often our parents let us know that their campers are now saying their please and thank yous!

  • Character trait of the day

  • Sports and life is not just about winning!

Be Active!

  • Our campers are active 4 - 6 hours each day!

  • The best way to develop the habbit of exercise is to have so much fun that you don't realize that you are doing it

  • Character trait of the day

  • Sports and life is not just about winning!

Impact Romania

  • Aligning with International Teams - Impact Romania.  An organization that supports orphans in their journey to independent living and offers free camp to orphans in Romania.

  • A chance to teach our campers about those less fortunate and the power they have to help make a positive difference in our world.

  • International Teams - Impact Romania is a Christian organization.

  • Your donation impact is doubled: for each $ donated the Director of Rouge Camps, Adam Buchnea, will match the donation $ for $.

Visit the Rouge Hill S.C. or Rouge Valley S.C. Pages to find out more!

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be issued for cancellations by May 31st. 50% of the price of registration will be issued for cancellations by June 30th. 25% refunds will be issued after July 1st. Once a camper has attended camp there will be no refund issued. Extenuating circumstances, where the camper is not able to attend camp, will be considered on a case by case basis. An administrative fee of $25 per camper/per week will be applied to all refunds up to a maximum of $100.

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